Single Story For Sale in Zona Colonial

Published 24 April 16 09:58 AM | Alex Hernandez 

Modern history property in Zona Colonial

• 650 sq. m., 8 bath, 5 bdrm single story - $2,250,000 USD - perfect for boutique hote

 -  beautiful building environmentally friendly for sale in the very heart of the Colonial Zone, one of the treasures that are still preserved in the Colonial Zone .

this building is perfect for a boutique hotel or convert luxury apartments.

Located near the most modern boutique hotel of the Colonial Zone (Bellini hotel) , a few meters from the Billini project and only two blocks from the hotel Conde .

The building has on the first floor , an area of ​​300 meters with 4 offices, warehouse, 2 Bathrooms, cooking area and reception area .

in the second and third level has a luxurious two levels apartment with 5 bedrooms main with walk- in closet and Jacuzzi , 4 bathrooms all with bidet , living room with double height ceiling , bar area , two kitchens, Dining room area and a large balcony friendly environment.

The building has a large patio , indoor pool, gazebo, BBQ area, beautiful garden, shower area with bathroom etc.

Reason why owner is selling the building is because they don't allow trucks to be delivering on the day time, just after 6pm.

Property information

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