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How We Can Provide You With High Quality Building Management Services At A Cost-Effective Rate

Running your building effectively and efficiently are the most important factors in creating a balanced and happy environment for owners and tenants alike.

This is why selecting the right building manager will make the difference between a content building, where everything runs smoothly and costs remain low, and an dissatisfied building, where costs skyrocket and problems remain.

At Rabbit International Towers Building & Property Management we understand the importance a building manager plays in the overall wellbeing of a building, and in the next few minutes you'll learn why Towers BPM should be at the top of your list of potential building managers.

About Rabbit International Towers building and property management.

Torre Ibiza luxury oceanfront apartment for saleWith over 7 years (from 2004) experience in business development and relationship building within commercial and residential real estate, Rabbit International Towers buildings and property management was established by Stuart Orr to provide the best building management services in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

 Rabbit International tower building and property management has extensive experience in managing buildings from 50 to 300 apartments in size, and can provide building management services to any sized building in Santo Domingo and surrounding areas.

One of the unique service offerings provided by Rabbit International Towers buildings and property management is onsite building management, where we allocate full-time staff to manage your building and provide a host of additional value-added benefits.

About Our Service

beach front apartments for sale in Juan DolioAs your building manager, we are the 'go-to' people for any problems you have with your building. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, our building management service includes the following:


  • Maintain the building in top order as directed through the provision of qualified staff
  • Provision of a 24-hour emergency call-out service on a 365-day per year basis (includes Public Holidays)
  • Develop and maintain a close working relationship with the Strata Manager and Owners Corporation
  • Monitor compliance with the Executive Committee Strata by-laws by Owners and occupiers and report any non-compliance issues accordingly
  • Monitor deliveries and ensure protection of shared facilities and common property in relation to occupants moving in and out
  • Review and approve all invoices, before issuance to the Strata Manager for payment
  • Prepare and provide the Owners Corporation an annual budget for Service Contracts for the common property
  • Attend meetings of the Executive Committee that relate to the operation of the Building
  • Provide technical support and advice on building management issues to the Executive Committee
  • Maintain and periodically recommend to the Owners Corporation appropriate updates to documentation to reflect any changes to the Building
  • Develop appropriate scopes of works and contract documentation to allow Service Contracts to be tendered
  • Tender the Service Contracts as required and make recommendations to obtain approval from the Executive Committee to enter into these Service Contracts
  • As part of our building management service we will also manage the following service contracts:

    • Concierge
    • Lift maintenance
    • Security
    • Hydraulic services maintenance
    • Patrol Services
    • Electrical switchboard maintenance
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Automatic doors
    • Common Property Cleaning
    • Roller shutter maintenance
    • General handyman repairs
    • Fire systems maintenance
    • Electrical
    • Issue Annual Safety Fire Statement
    • Pest Control
    • Mechanical Services Maintenance

    Of course, when you contract Rabbit Intenational Towers buildings and property management as your building manager we'll also carry out the following duties:

    • Monitor security systems
    • Assist with enquiries from occupants and others
    • Supervise and use reasonable endeavors to ensure the by-laws are complied with by all persons who enter the building
    • Organise condition reports on the Common Property, machinery and other improvements as requested by the owner’s corporation
    • Notify of any serious or continuing breaches of the by-laws by any person
    • Notify of any repairs, maintenance or replacement required in or around the property
    • Notify of any hazard or danger and, if required, supervise its rectification
    • Arrange for relevant service contractors, as required, in a timely manner
    • Ensure that all lighting in the building and Common Property is operative and efficient
    • Arrange for the inspection of the fire fighting and other essential equipment ensuring full compliance at all times
    • Ensure the Common Property and adjoining public areas comply with all health and safety requirements at all times
    • Use reasonable endeavors to ensure car parking arrangements within the Common Property are orderly and that access / egress points remain clear
    • Ensure the master security key or Security keys for the Lots are kept secure at all times
    • We will monitor all service contracts with regular site inspections

    As you can see, at Rabbit International Towers building and property management we really take building management seriously.  


Rabbit International Towers building and property management

We would be delighted to provide you with a free building management proposal outlining how we would manage your building into the future. 

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