The South Coast of the Dominican Republic

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Stretching east from the border, at Pedernales, with island neighbor, Haiti, to Bayahibe at the most eastern point, the South Coast of the Dominican Republic has an incredible amount of diversity to offer its many visitors. From the country's capital city, Santo Domingo, to popular resort communities with spectacular beaches, golf courses and marinas overlooking the Caribbean Sea the south coast offers a wide range of variety. Interspersed with these you'll find some of the country's larger cities and National Parks, giving you an opportunity to witness 'typical' Dominican city life, which celebrates their love for Malecón (boardwalk) strolling, Merengue music and dancing, and the Dominican national sport of baseball. 

La Romana (South Coast of the Dominican Republic)

This tourist area, comprised of La Romana, Casa de Campo, Dominicus and Bayahibe, is an excellent choice for R & R vacations, honeymoons, family holidays, family reunions, teenagers, active travelers, scuba divers and golfers. If friends have raved to you about the Saona Island excursion, La Romana is the nearest point from which to embark on a trip to the islands of Saona and Catali.

Juan Dolio (South Coast of the Dominican Republic)

Juan Dolio and its neighboring beach town, Guayacanes, are for those who seek a couples or family restful vacation but like being able to take many excursions. If you are staying in Juan Dolio, you are equidistant from the culture, shopping, dining and nightlife of Santo Domingo, great beaches, scuba diving and other attractions in La Romana, and just half an hour away from busy Boca Chica. This destination is perfect for those looking for a quiet escape with the comforts of home. 

Bayahibe (South coast of the Dominican Republic)

located just east of Casa de Campo , is reached over a hilly drive with incredible views through the Boca de Chaon Valley . The town itself is more or less a small fishing village surrounded by a few large vacation resorts. Bayahibe provides one of the entrances to the Parque Nacional del Este and Isla Soana . The park consists of limestone terraces formed a million years ago and caves containing pre-Columbian pictographs and rock carvings of the Tainos. One part of the park's coast is known for excellent diving because of its amazing coral formation diversity. The southeastern tip of the park, Calderas Bay, is where you will find saltwater lagoons with mangrove swamps and dozens of different types of birdlife. Bayahibe is also where you can hire a boat for a 45 minute ride over to Isla Saona , a 25 by 5 km sized island. This picturesque island is a popular excursion due to its beautiful white sand beach, tall coconut palms and great snorkeling, which can sometimes include peeks of manatees and bottlenose dolphins.

AZUA (South coast of the Dominican Republic) 

Located directly west of the capital, Azua's coastline is on the southern or Caribbean sea side of the country

Capital City: Azua

Major Towns: Estebania, Las Charcas, Padre Las Casas, Peralta, Sabana Yegua, Tabara Arriba, Yamas de Viajama


BAORUCO (South coast of the Dominican Republic)  ~

Located in the western part of the country, this province is land locked and situated close to the border with Haiti.

Capital City: Neiba

Major Towns: Galvan, Los Rios, Postrer Rio, Villa Jaragua


Barahona (South coast of the Dominican Republic)

located a three hour's drive west of Santo Domingo, was founded by French-Haitian General, Toussaint L'Overture. He believed Barahona's location was the perfect spot to build an alternate port to Santo Domingo's. The town itself is not really why people visit this area. There are a few small hotels and resorts in this region, but it's the surrounding landscape that is the real draw. The incredible natural environment includes mountains, lakes, interesting vegetation, and gorgeous coastline. The remote and hidden beaches are the prettiest you'll see in the Dominican Republic. A bigger attraction are the three national parks. The largest protected area in the country, Parque National Jaraqua, contains Laguna Oviedo, which is home to home to over 60 bird species, including the countries largest population of flamingos. Parque National Isla Cabritos, contains Lago Enriquillo, the largest salt water lake in the Antilles, located 45 meters below sea level, home of the American Crocodile. Parque Nacional Sierra de Baoruco is a mountainous park with rainforest vegetation. It is within this park that you can also visit the Larimar mines, which are located 40 km south of Barahona. 


Located almost equidistant from both coastlines, bordering Haiti.

Capital City: Comendador

Major Towns: Banica, El Llano, Hondo Valle, Pedro Santana   


Located northwest and bordering Barahona, Independencia is the home of the largest inland lake of the country ~ Lago Enriquillo & The Nacional Park Isla Cabritos. A major portion of Independencia also border the southern section of Haiti.

Capital City: Jimani

Major Towns: Duverge, La Descubierta, Mella   


Stretching from La Vega down to the Caribbean coastline, Peravia is home to two small mountain ranges in the north and the beautiful beaches of Las Salinas.

Capital City: Bani

Major Towns: Don Gregono, Mantanzas, Nizao, Rancho Arriba, Sabana Buey, Sabana Larga, San Jose de Ocoa   


Directly due west of Santo Domingo, this province runs parallel to Peravia - and stretches from the Bonao area on down to the Caribbean coast. Autopista Duarte or Route 1, connecting Santo Domingo with Santiago, runs through the northern portion of San Cristobal.

Capital City: San Cristobal

Major Towns: Cambita Garabito, Sabana Grande de Palenque, Sabana Palenque, Villa Altagracia, Yaguate   

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