Santo Domingo Properties for Sale


Commercial Real Estate for Sale in El Cacique, El Cacique, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, Distrito Nacional $75,000
11 photos
$75,000 USD
"Excellent price, excellent Location"
City El Cacique, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Size 38 sq. m.
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
MLS#: MO-0012
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Bella Vista, Distrito Nacional $150,000
6 photos
(New Construction)

Moderm Corporate office space in Bella Vista, Santo Domingo, Bella Vista

"New Luxury corporate center"
$150,000 USD
"Different options available"
City Bella Vista
Size 45 sq. m.
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
Built 2021
Condo Fee $180 USD
MLS#: SP-168
Condos for Sale in Gascue, Distrito Nacional $273,000
18 photos

Ocean view apartments in Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Suite Bellas Arte Garden, Gascue

"Ocean view rooftop with social area with pool, launge bar etc."
$273,000 USD
"Price starting at US$273,000."
City Gascue
Size 560 sq. ft.
Style Apartment
Type Condominium
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
MLS#: A-0263-AH
Condos for Sale in Gazcue, Distrito Nacional $351,000
37 photos
$351,000 USD
"Excellent for the price"
City Gazcue
Size 184 sq. m.
Style Apartment
Type Condominium
Built 2013
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
MLS#: A-033-AH
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Gazcue, Distrito Nacional $895,000
33 photos

Hotel for sale in Santo Domingo, Suite Hotel next to Malecon, Gazcue

"it can be build about 20 more rooms to bring it to 38 rooms hotel"
$895,000 USD
"Excellent price hotel can be expand"
City Gazcue
Size 620 sq. m.
Style 2 Storey
Type Commercial
Bedrooms 18
Bathrooms 20
MLS#: A-1201-AH
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Zona Colonial, Distrito Nacional $995,000
27 photos
$995,000 USD
"Excellent income"
City Zona Colonial
Size 547 sq. m.
Style 2 Story
Type Commercial
Built 2013
Bedrooms 8
Bathrooms 8
MLS#: H-053-AH
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Zona Universitaria, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional $2,300,000
8 photos
$2,300,000 USD
"28 habitaciones de 28m2 y 30m2"
City Santo Domingo
Size 1796 sq. m.
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
Bedrooms 28
Bathrooms 30
MLS#: H-20125-AH
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo $2,850,000
46 photos
$2,850,000 USD
"Price just reduced and guarantee 8 year return"
City Santo Domingo
Size 1515 sq. m.
Style 5-Level Split
Type Commercial
Built 1996
MLS#: AH-ALH-001

Santo Domingo Real Estate

Santo Domingo

oceanfront property for sale Santo DomingoBeach front property for sale in Santo DomingoSanto Domingo property for saleZona Colonial property for sale

Rabbit International, real estate company in the Dominican Republic, offers sales and rentals of properties in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. We have a large selection of houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, commercial businesses, land, land land lots and farms.

Rabbit International office is located in the Avenue 30 de Mayo (Malecon) or Geaorge washinghton av. inside of  Torre Ibiza, Suite 103 in El Cacique. 

With operation in Santo Domingo, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica, Jarabacoa, Santiago, Susua-Puerto Plata, Bavaro-Punta Cana and Uvero Alto, Rabbit International offers Dominican Republic Real Estate with numerous options for each clients need, and personal lifestyle. Santo Domingo real estate hot zones are not only closely related with The Colonial Zone (In Spanish, "Zona Colonial"Santo Domingo real estate is a Historic part of the city, where is the house of Christopher Columbus, a Genoese navigator, colonizer and explorer) or El Naco areas (High end residential area in Santo Domingo, but we can offer you many other residential zones in Santo Domingo with wonderful real estate properties.

Saint Dominic also known as Dominic of Osma, Dominic de Guzmán and Domingo de Guzmán Garcés (1170 – August 6, 1221) was the founder of the Friars Preachers, called the Dominicans or Order of Preachers, a Catholic religious order.

Santo Domingo de Guzmán (commonly shortened to Santo Domingo) has around 2.5 Millions of population, and is located on Caribbean Sea and the mouth of the Ozama river. The city was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1496 and it is a first city in the "New World". Dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina gave the name to city by itself, so it was called Cuidad Trujillo until 1961.

At the time before Columbus, the island had name Quisqueya (mother of all lands) and Ayiti (land of high mountains), and was governed by a system of Cacicazgos Taino indians (chieftains) consisting of five divisions: Marién, Maguá, Maguana, Jaragua and Higüey.

The most importand building would be Catedral Santa María La Menor, the first Catholic cathedral in America.

Provinces, Cities, Towns in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is divided into twenty-nine provinces or regions, and the National District ~ which is in effect the thirtieth province. In addition, there are really two major cities in the country ~ Santo Domingo de Guzman, which is the nation's capital and most heavily populated city ~ Santiago de Los Caballeros, the second largest city located in the northwest portion of the country, close to what can be called the nation's "tobacco region".
The Provinces of the Dominican Republic ~ Capitals of each Province and Major Towns

.AZUA ~ Located directly west of the capital, Azua's coastline is on the southern or Caribbean sea side of the country Capital City: Azua, Major Towns: Estebania, Las Charcas, Padre Las Casas, Peralta, Sabana Yegua, Tabara Arriba, Yamas de Viajama

BAORUCO ~ Located in the western part of the country, this province is land locked and situated close to the border with Haiti. Capital City: Neiba, Major Towns: Galvan, Los Rios, Postrer Rio, Villa Jaragua

BARAHONA ~ Located in the southwest portion of the country, Barahona borders the Caribbean Sea and has been an area that the government has slated for future tourist development. An airport capable of handling International Jumbo jets sits idle in Barahona, awaiting new tourist traffic. Capital City: Barahona, Major Towns: Cabral, El Penon, Enriquillo, Las Salinas, Paraiso

DAJABON ~ Located in the northwest corner of the country, bordering Haiti and the Monti Cristi district Capital City: Dajabon, Major Towns: Loma de Cabrera, Partido, Restauracion

DISTRITO NACIONAL ~ The capital district of the country, located on the southern costaline. Aside from being the home to the nation's capital city, The city of Haina - a major sea port and point of entry for many automobiles and other goods entering the country, is also located within the National District Capital City: Santo Domingo (de Guzman)

Neigborhoods or subdivisions of Santo Domingo

Within the city proper ~ West of the river Ozama ~ Close to business districts and government offices: Arroyo Hondo, Bella Vista, Ciudad Colonial or Zona Colonial, Ciudad Universitaria, El Cacique, Gazcue, Herrera, Honduras del Norte, Julieta Morales, La Fe, La Julia, Los Millones, Los Prados, Los Restauradores, Luperon, Mirador Norte, Naco, Paraiso, Piantini, Quisqueya.

East of the River Ozama ~ La Zona Oriental and other sections heading east towards Las Americas Airport and Boca Chica: Alma Rosa, Cancino, Charles de Gaul or "Charlie", Isabelita, Faro A Colon, Las Americas, Los Mameyes, Los Mina Norte, Los Mina Sur, Los Tres Ojos, Los Trinitarios, Mendoza, Villa Duarte, Villa Faro, San Souci

Other Areas Part of the Nactional District include:
Boca Chica Beach & Las Americas International Airport