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Documents required: 

  • Copy of passport
  • Statement of all Credit Cards
  • Savings Account Statement
  • Checking Account Statement
  • Last year Income tax Statements
  • Authorization to issue a Credit Bureau Report from the customer's country of residence
  • Employemnt Letter  
  • Evidence of assets in your country of residence (must be US, Canada or UK)
  • Copy of Offer of Purchase & Sale
  • Proof of Down Payment.



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What do I need to apply for a Home Purchase Mortgage Loan?

  • A Complete mortgage loan application
  • A copy of your I.D or Passport
  • Certification of Income.
  • Statement of Personal Financial Position.
  • Copy of the certification title of the property to be purchased. 
  • Certification of payment or exemption from Luxury Residence Tax (IVSS – Impuesto a la Vivienda Suntuaria).


Financing facilities with payment periods of up to 15 years. What do I need to apply for a Home Remodeling Mortgage Loan?

  • Application Form. 
  • Document of Personal Identification. 
  • Certification of Income.
  • Statement of Personal Financial Position.
  • Proposed Remodeling Budget.
  • Copy of Certificate of Ownership of Property. 
  • Certification of Payment or Exemption from Luxury Residence (IVSS - Impuesto a la Vivienda Suntuaria).

Dominican Republic mortgage financing and home loans are finally available to qualified borrowers from the US, Canada and UK, without the hassle of dealing with the local banks.

The political and economical stability of the Dominican Republic set the foundation in recent years for significant development.

With an increasing number of vacation and retirement home investors seeking to secure their own piece of Caribbean Paradise, it's real estate market is viewed as strong and stable.  

While the US real estate market and lending environment remains in turmoil, an increasing number of investors have chosen to invest offshore.  It's proximity to the US and unparalleled beauty as an island destination, continue to strengthen it's foundation as a market of choice for those seeking to invest in Caribbean real estate.

With all of the above market dynamics, the Dominican Reublic real estate financing industry, is undergoing commensurate transformation.  Dominican Republic mortgage financing and home loans are finally available from leading US investors.  The process to securing a loan to purchase a home or cash out equity from an existing property is simple and no different than securing a second home mortgage in the US.