How Real Estate Work in Dominican Republic

Unlike the USA or Europe, the majority of properties in the Dominican Republic. are open listings and are accessible to every real estate broker in town.

So, as you browse the web and visit all of the real estate sites which you found on Google, for example, and you contact 5 different brokers, what you are really doing is causing those 5 brokers to begin working the same properties on your behalf.

Unlike the USA or Europe where the broker who gets the sales contract executed (regardless of how many different brokers they visited a specific property with), in the Dominican Republic, when you contact a broker and request information about a specific property, that broker will register your name with that owner and “tradition” has it that that home owner will only work his/her property with that broker who has registered you; even if all you did was submit an information request about a specific property.

This is neither good nor bad; it is simply the way it is in the Dominican Republic, understandably so because most potential buyers begin by doing a web search and won’t physically be in the Dominican Republic. for many months (you are doing your pre-planning). So “traditionally,” the only way to protect the brokers is to have them contact each individual property owner individually, register you, and then commit to work the sale of their property with the registering broker in your name.

So what typically happens is a buyer makes web inquiries with 4 or 5 brokers. They set up meetings during their vacation to view properties. In the end that broker will show you (the potential buyer) all of the best open listings so that they can register you (in case they have not done so already).

Then the next broker will try to show you the same properties, but you have already seen them with the first broker.

So if the seller is honourable, they must work the potential sale of their property and you with the broker who first registered you, even if it is not the broker, whom you feel most comfortable with, or the broker who can negotiate the best deal on your behalf, or the broker who truly has your best interests in mind.

So the bottom line is, feel free to browse the web and to look at every broker or agency website that you find. But try to resist the urge to contact more than one (or two) agencies, Rabbit International real estate work very close with the seller to work and had exclusive listing

Once you find a broker like Rabbit International brokers team, whom you feel comfortable with, or who you feel is professional and is “worth a try,” contact them and see how you feel after a few email or telephone conversations. Again, each broker can give you the same information about all of the properties in the Dominican Republic., whether open listings or exclusive listings.

If you don’t like them after a while, contact another broker like Rabbit International team and give them a try. But if you contact 5 different agencies, than you will find that things could have been easier for you if you had taken this sincere and genuine advice regarding the reality of the brokerage system over here.

So please, try not to contact more than one or two different agencies, because that just causes confusion in this small market place. There are many great brokers over here, some good, some not so good. So, even if you do not choose me as your Broker to assist you, I do advise you to pick one agency and stick with them until you have reason to change them. Of course, I hope that you will give me the first try. Ask me your questions; Rabbit International team are here to help you in any way that we can. Give me a shot; I promise that you will not be disappointed.