SANTIAGO Cibao Central Dominican Republic ~ This large province directly south of Puerto Plata is home to the Dominican Republic's tobacco and cigar industry. In addition, the province capital Santiago de los Caballeros is often called the Dominican Republic's second city.

Capital City: Santiago (de los caballeros)

Major Towns: Janico, Navarette, San Jose de Los Matas, Tamboril and Villa Gonzalez

SANTIAGO RODRIGUEZ Cibao Central Dominican Republic ~ This province is located directly due west of Santigo and south of Monte Cristi.

Capital City: Sabaneta

Major Towns: Almacigos, Moncion

VALVERDE Cibaeo Central Dominican Republic ~ Nestled between Santiago, Puerto Plata, Monte Cristi and Santiago Rodriguez, this tiny province is only slightly larger than Salcedo. Like Salecedo, it connects it's much larger neighbors together.

Capital City: Mao

Major Towns: Espernaza, Laguna Salada


SALCEDO Cibao Central Dominican Republic ~ The tiny province of Salcedo is neatly nestled between Espaillat, La Vega, and Duarte. Although smaller than it's other north coast neighbors, Salcedo is an important link as an intersection point for the highway system.

Capital City: Salcedo

Major Towns: Tenares, Villa Tapia   

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