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Welcome to Alterra residential and resorts in Jarabacoa lots and Land for sale a Trust opportunity.

The laid back lifestyle of Jarabaco hill awaits you in "Alterra residential and resort", a subdivision of located in La Vega, Dominican Republic. Enjoy the outdoors as you settle into one of Dominican Republic last unspoiled areas, while remaining close to all the amenities and activities that come with living near Santiago and Jarabacoa La vega.

Shopping, fine dining, schools, medical facilities are just a short drive from your land in Alterra - and if you love golf, there are golf courses in Jarabacao to choose from.

We are an opportunistic real estate firm focusing on timing in the marketplace. This might be the best time in the last century to buy and as for location, it doesn't get any better than Jarabacoa.


*We own our land free and clear without any debt or mortgage (Freehold - Owned not Leased).

*Land historically is a higher return on investment than a house

*Land is much easier to manage as you don't have to deal with tenants, house repairs, and fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. don't destroy your land

*We have the experience and credibility to help you every step of the way and we are members of the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce

*We have been buying, developing, and selling land throughout Dominican Republic for over 15 years

*You are buying direct from the owner as there is no middleman and we don't sell and market other owners land. Since you are buying direct, we can pass on the saving to you.

*We offer financing to those who qualify to make affordable monthly payments

*Our land is very close to schools, parks, golf courses, international airport, places of worship, shopping, and the water & beaches.

*Our land is ready to build now, in the future, or just hold as an investment with no deed restrictions on a time requirement to build a home

*We offer an investment that will increase in value *No requirement for a certain home builder, so the prices are competitive. Use us to build your home in the future, a local builder, state builder, or national builder.

*Use your blueprints to build your dream home or select a layout from your builder of choice.

*Closing can be in person or a mail away, whatever is most convenient for you

*No liens or back taxes on our land, guaranteeing clear title. 


Working with us to purchase your land is simple.

Anyone in the world is eligible to purchase land in this community.

The following 10 steps is all it takes to purchase your land.

1.) Identify which homesite or homesites you want to purchase. *Due to high demand, there is a limited of only 10 homesites per buyer. -you can identify the land you want, work with a broker/realtor, or we can assist in helping you select your land based upon what you are looking for.

2.) Fill out the simplified contract to purchase with your information, sign and scan/email or fax it to us. We will then execute the contract and send a copy back to you. If you prefer, we can fill out the contract with your information and send it to you, just call us to discuss and get your information for the contract. 

3.) Send the deposit. The deposit required is only $1,000. The deposit is refundable until we have an executed contract.

 You will receive the wire instructions along with the amount needed from you to close. Simply send the remaining monies needed to close via our different payment options and you are done.

5.) We will then FedEx to you the original recorded deed and a copy of all the executed closing documents.

6.) The entire process from start to finish takes less than 30 days. If you would like to close faster, we can close in 1 days once the contract is executed. 

More About us

You have never visited one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the entire Caribbean, so we can see why you would feel this way. In fact, when you think of the Dominican Republic, you most likely conjure images in your mind of swaying palm trees and white powdery beaches. You would never think about beautiful crystal clean fresh water streams, lush rolling hills and the cooling sensation of nature's own air-conditioning. Yet here it is.

Located about 1 1/2 hours by car from those white sand beaches you see on those inviting travel posters is Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain range in the Caribbean. It is here you will find one of the most inviting towns to live in.....Jarabacoa. 

Some Dominicans say that this is the "Alps of the Caribbean". Others say that God created the rest of the Earth in the first six says, and saved the seventh day for his best work ~ The Dominican Republic. Whatever your philosophy or point of view, there is no denial that the scenery and ambiance is wonderful. In fact, should you like the idea of living in the Caribbean, but dislike the hotter climate closer to the beach, this is the place!.

ALTERRA MOINTAIN RESIDENCE is an ecologic mointain develop with an area of 76,853 square meter land 150 villas and house hand key with underground services, good road, garden and landscapin of high finished, club house with 5 star restaurant, 300,000 meter of ecologic park, picnic and campin area,Jogging trail & Trillo ecológico, 15 rooms 5 star hotel bed and breakfast boutique member of SLH, Spa, Tennis court, Organic vegetable farm and recreation. located next to hotel montana and the racket club.

Alterra Residence and Resort

Please let us know what you need from our exclusive project Alterra residences and resorts